Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Events Calendar

2018 Calendar

Los Angeles

January 16 Influencer Screening: Slipaway, Arclight HollywoodMembers Only
February 13 20th Anniversary of the book “Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed you Made” at 72 and SunnyMembers Only
April 23 Global Symposium Hosted by Google – Members Only

New York

March 8 See Jane Salon Hosted by J. Walter Thompson New York – Members Only
June See Jane Salon Hosted by 72 & Sunny – Members Only

2017 Calendar

Los Angeles

February 6 #shesgotDRIVE Campaign Launch
March 25 Mentoring Event in partnership with The New Hollywood
April 19 Re-Drawing the Gender Landscape in AnimationMembers Only
May 2-7 Bentonville Film Festival*
June 5 See Jane Salon – The Easiest Way to Add Female Characters: It Starts with the Script! Members Only Hosted by Fullscreen
August 14 Influencer Screening – Marjorie PrimeMembers Only
August 15 See Jane Salon – STEM Trends in MediaMembers Only
September 14 Influencer Screening of Battle of the SexesMembers Only
November 16 See Jane Salon – Intersectionality in MediaMembers Only Hosted by CBS Entertainment Diversity

New York

April 17 See Jane Salon – Women of Action: Reinventing the Business of Creativity. Hosted by J. Walter Thompson New York – Members Only
July 31 New York Council Launch Event – For more info please contact Mary Ellen via email.
September 28 5th Global Symposium on Gender in MediaMembers Only
November 6 See Jane Salon, Power of Portrayal:
Inspiring Performances Driving Social Change
Members Only Hosted by SAG•AFTRA

San Francisco

July 10 See Jane Salon – Women in GamingMembers Only Hosted by Google

*Public event.

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