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October 28, 2014 Forbes Interview: Geena Davis And The Hollywood Gender Divide

Academy Award winner talks to Moira Forbes about the unequal representation of women in film and the most important aspect of power. Read More…

October 28, 2014 Girl Power: Marvel officially announces ‘Captain Marvel’ movie

Just two weeks after Warner Bros. and DC Comics revealed their slate of superhero movies for the rest of the decade, today Marvel announced its own equally big-name roster of films for the next five years. Marvel’s phase three plans most notably include the studio’s first ever female-led superhero movie as well as its first ever stand-alone film for a superhero of color. Read More…

October 28, 2014 Running for a Change: Girls and Politics Pulse Poll

The Girl Scout Research Institute fielded a pulse poll with a national sample of more than 1,000 girls 11 to 17 (not just Girl Scouts) about their overall interest in politics, their opinions about female and male elected officials, the forces that drive their interest in politics, and those forces that deter their participation in the political process. Read More…

October 28, 2014 2095: The year of gender equality at work, maybe

In nine years of measuring the global gender gap, the world has seen only a small improvement in equality for women in the workplace. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2014, launched today, the gender gap for economic participation and opportunity now stands at 60% worldwide, having closed by 4% from 56% in 2006 when the Forum first started measuring it. Based on this trajectory, with all else remaining equal, it will take 81 years for the world to close this gap completely. Read More…

October 28, 2014 ITU, UN Women celebrate the power of technology to transform women’s lives everywhere

Geena Davis received GEM-TECH ‘Global Achievers’ Award co-organized by ITU and UN Women for individuals recognized for exceptional long-term commitment to furthering the issue of ICT and gender. Other recipients include: Alcatel-Lucent’s StrongHer initiative; Cisco Systems’ Distinguished Consulting Engineer – Ms Monique Morrow; GSMA’s Connected Women program me; Intel Corporation’s Director of Social Impact, Dr Renee Wittemyer; Former Serbian Minister of Communications and State Secretary for Digital Agenda – Ms Jasna Matić Read More…

October 28, 2014 tamtam // Gender Game // Official Music Video

tamtam is a singer and songwriter from the Middle East. “Gender Game” is a message for women to stand up for their rights; it is a song meant to empower women and encourage people to understand one another’s perspectives. Read More…

October 23, 2014 Disney to introduce new heroine, ‘Moana’

Get ready for another addition to the line of Disney heroines: Moana, an ocean adventurer. “Moana,” a film about a teenage girl in “ancient Oceania,” according to the plot description, is scheduled to make its debut in late 2016. Moana, who is described as a “born navigator,” sets out on a voyage to seek a mysterious island. “Moana” promises more of the modern version: beautiful, clever and adventurous. Read More…

October 22, 2014 Marvel Producer Victoria Alonso Says If It Were Up To Her Marvel Would Do A Female Superhero Movie Today

Over the last several years, Marvel Studios has dominated pretty much every one at the box office. Marvel has had unparalleled success with not only bringing some of their most well-known superheroes to the big screen but also with little known characters such as Guardians of the Galaxy. However, for all of Marvel Studios success, Warner Bros. became the first studio to officially announce a big budget, solo female superhero movie this past week. Wonder Woman is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2017. Read More…

October 16, 2014 Net-a-Porter – The Interview: Geena Davis

Her greatest role left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Now, the actress is aiming to revolutionize global gender inequality. Geena Davis has blazed a Hollywood trail or two in her time. She’s even had a crack at an Olympic one, taking 24th place in the qualifiers to represent the US in archery, aged 43. But the current path she is attempting to clear is undoubtedly the most important yet. Read More…

October 11, 2014 Is Hollywood Making Young Girls Too Sexy, Too Soon?

Entertainment Tonight talks to actress Geena Davis about the over-sexualization of women in the media. Watch Video…

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