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November 23, 2015 Jessica Jones Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on Season 2 and Women in Hollywood

In reply to a question about female-hero-led shows and Supergirl, Rosenberg echoed a lot of our feelings when she said: “In terms of the lack of parity, I think it is a good start and this is just the beginning I hope. Women, in film and television, have been so limited in terms of what audiences will accept. They have to be the wife, the noble wife, or the happy cop, or the Madonna, or the whore. You have one dimension and that’s what you can play in. It’s not reflective of our experiences as women.” Read More…

November 23, 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Women in STEM Fields Dolls and Action Figures

In recent years there’s been a relative dearth of toy representations of women and girls with interests or careers in the sciences — particularly women and girls of color. But thanks to heightened public interest in such offerings, this year marks what I hope is the beginning of a sea change, with quite a few new options in these areas. Read More…

news-abigail-breslin-lands-lead-role-in-freak-show movie
November 23, 2015 Abigail Breslin Lands Lead Role In ‘Freak Show’ Movie

Freak Show tells the story of Billy Bloom (Alex Lawther), a boldly confident teenager who faces intolerance and persecution at his ultra-conservative high school and decides to fight back on behalf of all of the misunderstood freaks of the world by running for the title of homecoming queen. Breslin will play the head cheerleader and high school queen bee who is incensed by the competition. She joins a cast that already includes Bette Midler, AnnaSophia Robb, Ian Nelson and Lorraine Toussaint. Read More…

November 22, 2015 The CW Joins the White House to Let Girls Learn

The CW Network is teaming up with the White House and the Peace Corps in support of Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government-wide initiative launched earlier this year by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The initiative brings attention to the more than 62 million adolescent girls around the world who are denied access to education, the chance to go to school and stay in school. Read More…

November 20, 2015 MAKERS: Once And For All Film – The largest international digital gathering of women in history

Once and For All tells the story of the 47,000 women who gathered in 1995 to demand their rights be recognized as human rights. Join an all day twitter chat starting today at 10 a.m. @MAKERSwomen. Film streams tonight at 8 p.m. #OnceAndForAll Go to to take one of 5 actions.

November 19, 2015 Malala Strikes Back Behind the Scenes of Her Fearless Fast-Growing Organization

Malala is doing more than building awareness: She’s creating a network of action and impact. Her still-young Malala Fund has already helped finance projects in six countries—Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone—by opening schools, providing scholarships, and setting up education groups and remote-learning programs. Read More…

November 19, 2015 How this Googler is trying to shake up Hollywood’s idea of who an ‘engineer’ is

Julie Ann Crommett describes her job as a “tech-and-Hollywood hybrid.” She’s Google’s entertainment industry educator-in-chief, striving to banish stereotypes about computer science from mainstream media. Since founding the initiative in 2014, she has worked with TV shows ranging from HBO’s “Silicon Valley” to Disney Junior’s “Miles from Tomorrowland” to encourage more inclusive portrayals of what an engineer or computer scientist looks like. Read More…

November 18, 2015 Images of Computer Science: Perceptions Among Students, Parents and Educators in the U.S.

Google’s second report of our research study with Gallup, Inc. dives into our data from nearly 16,000 respondents to explore participation in and perceptions of computer science and related careers as well as associated demographic differences. It found that Hispanic, female or lower-income students are less likely to have learned CS compared to their counterparts. View Infographic or Read More…

November 18, 2015 Google Proves That TV Teaches Girls to Not Like Computer Science

A new Google re­port that in­cludes sur­veys of par­ents and stu­dents con­duc­ted by Gal­lup sug­gests that ste­reo­types per­petu­ated by TV and movies foster mis­lead­ing per­cep­tions about who is cap­able of pur­su­ing com­puter sci­ence. Gendered ste­reo­types furthered by tele­vi­sion and film por­tray­als of com­puter sci­ence as nerdy or for boys only seem to have real-world im­pact. The lack of di­versity on shows that young people watch also feeds in­to a lack of con­fid­ence among young people who don’t see them­selves re­flec­ted in those portray­als. Read More…

November 18, 2015 Liza Donnelly – When I grow up, I want to be perfect, high-achieving, hyper-perfect and scripted.

Liza Donnelly, cartoonist for the New Yorker, shares her cartoons with us. See this week’s cartoon…

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