Symposiums on Gender in Media

Global Symposium 2018 New York

Portray Her: Representations of Women STEM Characters in Media

September 24, 2018
6-9 p.m.

Google Chelsea
76 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

In partnership with Google

In partnership with If/Then (an initiative of the Lyda Hill Foundation)

Join Geena Davis, Lyda Hill and creators, change makers and thought leaders in the entertainment, media and technology verticals, corporations and NGOs focused on empowering women for the release of this new research.

We will engage and educate the community about the research findings from our latest research study sponsored by the Lyda Hill Foundation.

Women constitute half (48%) of the college-educated workforce in the U.S., but hold only a quarter (24%) of jobs in STEM. Women, especially Latinx and Asian-American women, have seen a marked increase in STEM participation starting in the late 1990s, but their numbers remain low. Through this research we better understand why women are persistently underrepresented in STEM, and to examine the role of entertainment media in contributing to this underrepresentation.

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Geena Davis

Founder and Chair, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Lyda Hill

Founder, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Lyda Hill Foundation


Sana Amanat

VP, Content and Character Development, Marvel

Madeline Di Nonno

CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Caroline Heldman

Associate Professor of Politics, Occidental College, Los Angeles; Lead Researcher Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Megan Ryskamp

Social Impact Partnerships Lead, Google

Komal Singh

Engineering Program Manager, Google and Author of Ara The Star Engineer

Nicole Small

President, Lyda Hill Foundation

Rosemarie Truglio

SVP, Curriculum and Content, Sesame Workshop

Rae Wynn-Grant

Large Carnivore Ecologist, Conservation Scientist, National Geographic Society


The Lyda Hill Foundation is a private foundation committed to funding transformational advances in science and nature, empowering nonprofit organizations and improving the North Texas and Colorado Springs communities. A member of the Giving Pledge, Miss Hill has a fervent belief that “science is the answer” to many of life’s most challenging issues, she has chosen to donate the entirety of her estate to philanthropy and scientific research. The organizational ethos of the Lyda Hill Foundation reflects a mix of entrepreneurial vigor and a commitment to balancing profit with purpose. With this philosophy at the core of Miss Hill’s philanthropic efforts, the Lyda Hill Foundation is committed to investing in solutions as opposed to incremental change. The Lyda Hill Foundation seeks to invest in solution-oriented initiatives that have the potential to impact global issues such as food safety, ocean conservation, medical research, and other related efforts. To learn more about the Lyda Hill Foundation, please visit

If/Then is part of Lyda Hill’s commitment to fund game-changing advancements in science and nature. If/Then seeks to further advance women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by empowering current innovators and inspiring the next generation of female pioneers. The initiative aims to create a platform to elevate positive and successful female STEM professionals with a focus on funding their works and sharing their stories, developing and supporting programs for middle school girls to learn about STEM opportunities and engaging media partners to help shift the perception of women in STEM. If/Then’s mission is to inspire the next generation of girls to consider pursuing careers in STEM. To learn more about If/Then’s mission to empower current innovators and inspire the next generation of female pioneers, visit