Spellcheck for Bias

Our innovative script analysis system to infuse diversity and inclusion in entertainment and media where every story must begin… on the page.

Spellcheck for Bias® provides analysis of preproduction scripts with the purpose of identifying opportunities for greater representation of marginalized communities within six major identities (gender, race, LGBTQIA+ identity, disability, age, and body type), as well as identification of biases, tropes and stereotypes, representation issues, harmful language, and potential cultural inaccuracies. The Spellcheck for Bias® team uses a text analysis tool to identify character prominence and social science research to inform the in-depth analysis. The team also collaborates with the University of Southern California’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL) to create a Who-Speaks-To-Whom chart that relies on machine learning to produce the frequency and rate at which major characters are speaking to each other. Central to the ethos of Spellcheck is respecting the artistic integrity of creative work, while also increasing knowledge and engaging in informed, explorative collaboration on inclusion and equity.

What if a film’s potential for onscreen diversity, equity, and inclusion could be identified where every film or television show begins: the script! To learn more about how Spellcheck for Bias can help support your work onscreen, please contact gdigm@seejane.org

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