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August 20, 2020

IF/THEN® Collection Launches to Celebrate Female, STEM Pioneers

For many years, Lyda Hill Philanthropies® founder Lyda Hill has posited that “science is the answer” to life’s most challenging issues, and she is right. COVID 19 has changed our lives, and the world now understands that science matters. Today, the STEM community across sectors and borders is front and center in our world. Scientists, researchers, and medical workers are laboring to save lives; the Internet has become a lifeline to remote learning, business, and human connection.

July 27, 2020

“If He Can See It, Will He Be It?” Salon: Highlights and Insider Insights

On June 23rd, we unveiled a new report on the representation of masculinity in boys’ television. Our invitation-only event featured introductions and related insights from Institute Founder and Chair Geena Davis and Actor and Kering Foundation Board Director Salma Hayek Pinault along with President & CEO of Promundo, Gary Barker and three leading male advocates/feminists, Justin Baldoni, Wade Davis, and Joshua Rush.

June 28, 2020

The Baby-Sitters Club, Coming to Netflix

As temperatures rise, so does the anticipation for the launch of the contemporary adaptation of Ann M. Martin’s beloved young adult book series The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix. The 10-episode series releases at a time when demand for babysitting is high, and it will be a welcome addition to families across the country who hunger for normalized lives. The show the relationships and experiences of a group of girlfriends as they navigate middle school, and the challenges inherent in starting their babysitting business.

May 11, 2020

Mira, Royal Detective

In a world that is multicultural, global, and connected, it is fitting that Mira, Royal Detective, Disney Junior’s new television series celebrating Indian culture, was its first to launch concurrently in the United States and India. Set in the fictional kingdom of Jalpur, the production highlights the beauty, diversity, music, and deep heritage of this culture to a broad audience that transcends geographic, societal, and traditional demographic boundaries. It features South Asian talent on- and off-screen in the voice cast and creative team, as well as consultants who ensure that the series is authentic and breaks traditional stereotypes.

April 09, 2020

Dino Dana Takes Huge Steps to Advance Diversity, Break Gender Stereotypes and Embrace STEM

Debuting its fourth season on Amazon on April 17, Dino Dana has emerged as a bona fide brand appealing to boys and girls alike. This preschool franchise is based on two male-led series (Dino Dana and the Emmy award-winning Dino Dana: Trek’s Adventures) created by J.J. Johnson, the creative force and founding partner of Sinking Ship Entertainment. J.J. credits the star of his first preschool series (This is Daniel Cook) and the young star’s love of all things prehistoric and his desire to be a paleontologist as the genesis of the Dino Dana series, which brought dinosaurs into the present through a combination of CGI animation and live-action production.

March 15, 2020

Representation Matters: Nielsen Says It’s Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

The demand for diverse storytelling and inclusive content creation onscreen and behind-the-camera has never been stronger than it is today. Nielsen is deeply committed to “truth in measurement,” and there is a direct connection between diversity, inclusivity, and truth throughout Nielsen’s business. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ginger Bushell, Senior Vice President, Global Content Governance at Nielsen, to get an inside look at how diversity and inclusion (D&I) inform the way Nielsen operates. I learned that Nielsen is not only a trusted source of truth in global measurement and data analytics; it is also a “First Responder,” dedicated to identifying gaps in data and advocating for new information that can make the industry more responsive to the changing times that our global, multicultural content world requires. Let’s look.

December 18, 2019

How Frozen 2 Resonates with Audiences by Melting Gender Stereotypes: Up-Close with Geena Davis and Disney Animation’s Jennifer Lee

Frozen 2, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ sequel to the 2013 animated blockbuster, has set several records, including the #1 animated global opening of all time. The film breaks down traditional fairytale stereotypes and introduces a new set of universally appealing storylines based on sisterly love, compassion, and self-discovery as they set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers to save their kingdom.

October 31, 2019

Disney Junior’s The Rocketeer Flips the Script

There is a movement in Hollywood to retell classic stories for a new generation of children and The Rocketeer is a stellar example of how and why – with the right vision – this formula can work! The animated series, premiering on Friday, November 8th on Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyNOW is a reimagining of Dave Stevens’ comic books and the 1991 film with a contemporary twist. Wide-ranging storytelling, coupled with several nods to the original, lays the groundwork for an inspirational and educational adventure series told from a young female superhero perspective that the whole family can enjoy together.

October 02, 2019

Mission Unstoppable Makes Television History

Mission Unstoppable, is just that – unstoppable. The series, which debuted last weekend on the CBS Saturday morning lineup, is the brainchild of Lyda Hill, a Dallas-based entrepreneur, and philanthropist who believes “science is the answer to solve our world’s problems.” Nicole Small, CEO, Lyda Hill Philanthropies explained, “We invested in Mission Unstoppable, a collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (GDIGM) and Litton Entertainment, to feature trailblazing women on the cutting edge of science in a new, fun and innovative television series. We hope that by spotlighting these amazing female role models in media, we will change the narrative and inspire young girls to open their eyes to STEM careers.”

September 03, 2019

Nickelodeon’s Middle School Moguls Inspires Girls to Embrace Entrepreneurship

Going back-to-school is exciting when you are empowered to take charge and design your future. To inspire kids, Nickelodeon is premiering Middle School Moguls, a new four-part CG-animated series of half-hour specials to kick off the school year with lessons in entrepreneurship. This limited series, which yields maximum impact, will debut at 11 a.m. ET/PT on Sunday, September 8th.