Profiles of Women Working in STEM

“If women and girls don’t see themselves on screen as STEM professionals, they’re less likely to pursue those career paths.”

-Geena Davis

Looking for some inspiration for your next character or storyline? Below are profiles of some incredible real-life women working in the STEM sector. Also see Creators' STEM Checklist.

Rae Wynn-Grant

Large Carnivore Ecologist

Rashmi Melgiri

Tech Entrepreneur

Rochelle Valdez

Software Developer

Sangeeta Bhatia

Biomedical Researcher & Entrepreneur

Sara Schnadt

Software Systems Architect & Artist

Sarah Parcak

Archaeologist & Egyptologist

Shayna Begay

Aerospace Engineer

Stefanie Kroll

Stream Ecologist

Vanessa Ruta


Wiratni Budhijanto

Chemical Engineer