Making an Impact

The Institute is the leading resource for providing evidence-based solutions to systemically change gender equality issues in children’s media for the entertainment industry, businesses, educational institutions and the public.

Quantifiying the Impact

The Institute’s research is creating change in how girls and women are portrayed in film and television.

In a recent survey of the entertainment industry conducted by the Institute, more than 61% of the respondents stated that they had changed 2 or more projects and 41% have changed 4 or more projects.

GDIGM Impact Study Pie Chart

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See Jane Salons

Becoming a member provides a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, all passionate about improving gender imbalance for our children.

Through our unique member network, you will expand your relationships with corporate executives, leading content creators along with staying on the cutting-edge of the latest trends, research and programs shaping the gender in media landscape. Most importantly, you’ll become one of our trusted advocates through investing in our mission to create a better world for women and girls.

Symposiums on Gender in Media

The Institute’s landmark Symposium on Gender in Media and the Global Symposium on Gender in Media convenes more than 300 entertainment industry decision makers, content creators, and corporate business leaders to work collectively on improving gender equality in children’s media.