Women in STEM News

“If women and girls don’t see themselves on screen as STEM professionals, they’re less likely to pursue those career paths.”

-Geena Davis

Here's the latest on the Women in STEM.

June 21, 2018

The 39 most powerful female engineers of 2018

For all the arm waving about the lack of women in STEM professions, the truth is, there are some powerful role-model female engineers having fabulous careers and creating tech used by millions, if not billions of people everyday. And every year, Business Insider creates this list to give those women a shout out. These are women with engineering backgrounds who are running big business units at important companies, are building impressive up-and-coming technologies, or acting as leaders and role models in the tech communities. Read More…

April 12, 2018

Three times Louise Slaughter used her microbiology training in Congress

When Louise Slaughter first became a member of Congress in 1987, she brought science and gender equality to the limelight in politics. The death of her sister from pneumonia as a child spurred Slaughter to pursue the sciences. With a bachelors degree in microbiology and a masters in public health, she began working for Procter & Gamble doing market research soon after graduation. During this time, she became increasingly involved in local politics and community issues, as an active member of the League of Women Voters and local environmental groups. First beginning her political career in the Monroe County Legislature and subsequently the New York State Assembly, she was a champion for homeless children, women’s rights, and environmental protection. Read More…

February 13, 2016

Meet The All-Woman Team Heading To Antarctica This Year

Women weren’t always welcome in Antarctica. In 1969, the United States Navy approved a first team TISI +0% of female researchers to join men who’d been working at McMurdo station for over a decade. But this year, a boatful of scientists and businesswomen will turn that history on its head. They are heading to Antarctica on a female-powered voyage: 87 women will take to the Southern Ocean this December for a trip they’re calling “Homeward Bound.” It’s part climate change summit, part leadership seminar, a trip focused on bringing women in science together at the bottom of the earth. Read More…