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May 12, 2010

Geena Davis touts gender equality in kids media at PBWC Conference

On May 11, Geena Davis was a keynote speaker at the Professional BusinessWomen of California 2010 Conference. Watch Online…

May 11, 2010

Geena Davis: “Looney Toons has 11 characters. The only female character is Granny.”

Ever since I went to see Geena Davis (and freaked out a little) at the Paley Institute, I’ve gotten a somewhat nerdy in my admiration of her. Since founding the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Davis has been outspoken in her support of stronger, and more frequent, female characters in entertainment – particularly in children’s programming. The research of the Institute has uncovered the dire reality of gender in film and television, including the fact that the amount of sexually revealing clothing on female characters in G-rated films is equal to those in R-rated movies, and that the ratio of male to female movie characters (3 to 1) hasn’t budged since the 1940’s. Read More…

May 11, 2010

Geena Davis at Professional Business Women of California 2010 Conference

As a keynote speaker at the PBWC’s 2010 Annual Conference in San Francisco, Geena Davis touted gender equality in kids media.

Video courtesy of PBWC © 2010

Click for more information on the PBWC 2010 Conference or read about the event online at the San Francisco Chronicle.

May 08, 2010

Geena Davis touts gender equality in kids media

From “Thelma & Louise” to “Commander in Chief,” actress Geena Davis has embodied iconic – and iconoclastic – female characters. Davis, whose resume includes an Academy Award, Mensa membership, Swedish fluency and Olympic-level archery prowess, is among the keynoters scheduled for Tuesday’s Professional BusinessWomen of California conference, taking place at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Read More…

April 28, 2010

Geena Davis: When gender equality is no longer a fairy tale

Five years ago, while watching children’s entertainment with my then 2-year old daughter, I was stunned to see that there were far more male characters than female characters in this media aimed at the youngest of children. Media images are a powerful force in shaping our perception of men and women. The stark gender inequality in media aimed at little children is significant, as television and movies wield enormous influence on them as they develop a sense of their role in the world. And because young kids tend to watch the same TV shows and movies repeatedly, negative stereotypes get imprinted again and again. Read More…

April 26, 2010

What We See When We See Ourselves Onscreen: Geena Davis

After Women’s History month in March, and having attended so many women’s events, I find myself reflecting on “the tipping point.” In many ways, we are at its cusp, with people of both genders recognizing that the empowerment of women and girls is the critical component for social, economic and political development. Yet, in other ways we are not even close. On April 5 at the Paley Center for Media, I joined other NYWICI members to hear the Center’s President and CEO, Pat Mitchell, speak with Academy Award-winning Actor Geena Davis about her effort to change the way media represent women and girls. Read More…

April 17, 2010

Long road trip to equality, says Davis

THE on-screen Geena Davis is a woman of action – feisty reporter (The Fly, Hero), baseballer (A League of Their Own), road warrior (Thelma and Louise), pirate (Cutthroat Island), spy (The Long Kiss Goodnight). Off-screen, she moves at a more genteel pace but still gets the job done.
Davis – in Melbourne yesterday to promote the Australian-made feature Accidents Happen, her first big-screen outing since 2002 – made one of her first visits here after taking up archery almost on a whim. Read More…

April 06, 2010

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Geena Davis

Last night I had the opportunity to see Geena Davis in conversation with Pat Mitchell at the Paley Center for Media in NYC. They talked through her career but spent the bulk of the time talking about the work she is doing now at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media which is an organization that does research on gender disparities in media for children. She then takes the research and meets with studios and networks and presents them with the facts in hopes that this will address the disparity. Read More…

April 06, 2010

Geena Davis on Gender in Media at The Paley Center

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Geena Davis at the Paley Center for Media in New York City. As a member of the Paley Center, I have attended many programs, but never one as eye-opening and educational as this. The night was much more about The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media then on her career as an academy award winning actress. Read More…

April 05, 2010

Geena Davis’ new study on gender bias in kids’ media

The research showed that in the top-grossing G-rated films from 1990-2005, there were three male characters for every one female – a statistic that did not improve over time. The concern was clear: What message does this send to young children? I can’t wait for this new study. Thank you to Geena Davis for recognizing the gender bias in kids movies and doing something to change it. Go Thelma! Read More…