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Inclusion Beyond Acceptance

November 15, 2016
CBS Entertainment Diversity

This panel will convene content creators and business leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences to share best practices on how they are affecting real change and expanding our concept of diversity and inclusion beyond acceptance or tolerance.

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In a League of Their Own: Sports for Social Change

July 28, 2016
Women of FOX Sports

Across the world, sports activates a collective spirit that brings together communities, and tears down boundaries. In a League of Their Own: Sports Inspiring Social Change will examine the importance and impact of positive role models in the world of sports. From the actors portraying sports figures in feature films and television, to the real life athletes we root for everyday, we will take a look at how the accomplishments of these individuals are inspiring social change.

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Keeping Up with Generation Z

June 6, 2016
Creative Arts Agency (CAA)

Our world is transforming into a diverse global culture. By the end of this decade, according to Census Bureau projections, no single racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority of children under 18. The media landscape is dramatically shifting from content to consumption to distribution. Content creators are re-inventing how they conceive, produce and distribute content to appeal to how Generation Z consumes content in a non-demand digital life. Generation Z is seeking entertainment that reflects the diverse stories of their world and how they see themselves in society.

Panel Objective: This panel will showcase insights and best practices on how content creators are reinventing content to addressing changing trends for Generation Z across Film, TV and Digital Content along with Generation Z artists who are using their voice to drive more unique and diverse content.

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