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Los Angeles
#Shesgotdrive Campaign

February 6, 2017

At the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, in partnership with YouTube and Ford, launched a brand new campaign called #ShesGotDRIVE, bringing together some of YouTube’s most popular and powerful female voices to promote a vision of female empowerment and equality. The #ShesGotDrive campaign has enlisted the help of YouTube powerhouses Taryn Southern, Yulin Kuang and Clara Chung (A.K.A. “Clara C.“) to make videos that both tell the stories of their own inspirations, path, and drive, as well as emphasize the fact that girls and women need to see more women like themselves in media in order for things to change in the real world. Watch Videos or See Event Photos

The Easiest Way to Add Female Characters: It Starts with the Script!

Hosted by Fullscreen
June 5, 2017

It all starts with the script, and female-centric stories rare for Hollywood. This panel will discuss how to break through the stereotypical male-centric stories to include females in roles with a lasting impact. Read More…

STEM Trends in Media

Hosted by Google Venice
August 15, 2017

By 2018 there will be 1.2 million US job openings in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, with a significant shortage of qualified applicants to fill them. This panel will look at how media is progressing girls interests in STEM across digital, TV and Feature Films, identify who the media makers are who are advocating for more portrayals of women and girls in STEM and who the real scientists making headlines are. Read More…

Intersectionality in Media Salon hosted by CBS Entertainment Diversity

November 2017

New York
Women of Action: Breaking Boundaries in the Business of Creativity

April 17, 2017

Media and Entertainment as a whole tends to pigeon hole woman into stereotypical categories. The world of creativity is no exception. Historically, there has been a singular approach to creating media and content; as a result, women rarely receive opportunities to drive non-stereotypical categories or products like news, horror and action. Our panel will discuss how women have successfully broken through these traditional barriers of genre, product category and industry, to reinvent the visual and cultural world we live in, offering a fresh perspective. Panelists will share their story hoping to inspire a new generation of female creators to break into more unexpected spaces and bring their own vision into the world. Read More…

STEM themed Salon hosted by Google

September 27, 2017

See Jane Salon

November 2017

San Francisco
Women in Gaming Salon Hosted by Google

July 10, 2017

Research asserts that women now account for more than half of the gaming audience yet there is not a diverse presence to be found in today’s games. This panel will discuss how to break through the stereotypical male centric games to include females in roles with a positive impact. Read More…

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