Influencer Screening – Mission Unstoppable

Hosted by Laemmle Santa Monica

September 16, 2019

Screening and Panel with Geena Davis and Miranda Cosgrove. Moderated by Madeline Di Nonno.

A private, advanced screening of Mission Unstoppable, the first television series produced by IF/THEN, an initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies and Litton Entertainment. Executive produced by Geena Davis, Institute CEO Madeline Di Nonno and Anna Wenger, see how today’s cutting-edge women scientists set an example for the leaders of tomorrow.

An exclusive Q&A with Geena Davis and Mission Unstoppable host Miranda Cosgrove (Nickelodeon’s iCarly) will be followed by a screening of the show. This discussion will center on how these unique stories inspire and inform audiences about the tremendous potential of these cutting-edge, bad-ass, lady leaders in STEM. With over 2.4 million unfilled STEM jobs reported in 2018, the importance of this inspirational series, including “how-to” segments can help stem the shortage of qualified applicants to fill these positions.

Event Info

Madeline DiNonno, CEO, GDIGM; Geena Davis, Founder, GDIGM; and Lyda Hill, Founder, IF/THEN

Madeline DiNonno with attendees

Lyda Hill and Geena Davis meeting attendees

Screening attendees

Screening attendees

Lyda Hill meeting attendees

Madeline DiNonno, Lyda Hill, Geena Davis, Miranda Cosgrove and attendees

Miranda Cosgrove with attendees

Miranda Cosgrove meeting attendees

Screening attendees

Madeline DiNonno with attendees

Geena Davis meeting attendees

Jazmin Borad, Program Director, GDIGM; Elizabeth Kilpatrick, VP, Development, GDIGM; and attendees


Screening attendees

Lyda Hill

Geena Davis

Geena Davis and Miranda Cosgrove

GDIGM Staff: Lisa Emery, Emily Spaulding, Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Jazmin Borad and Mary Schwinn