Global Symposium – New York City 2019

Status of Equity and Inclusion in Children’s Television

September 24, 2019

Hosted by Google
111 8th Avenue
New York City, NY

With the fall television season set to debut, the Institute will present for the first time its GD-IQ machine learning tool insights for TV. This in-depth research presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring prominent children’s TV industry executives who will share best practices and case histories on how they are addressing representation in stories told through Family television.

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Kay Wilson Stallings, Head of Production & Development, Sesame Workshop and Halle Stanford, President, Television, The Jim Henson Company

Symposium attendees

Symposium attendees

Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan, Niki & C. L. Max Nikias Chair in Engineering, University of Southern California (left) with attendee

Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan; Caroline Heldman, PhD, Research Director, GDIGM; Symposium attendee and Krishna Somandepalli

Halle Stanford; JJ Johnson, Founding Partner, Sinking Ship Entertainment; Michela Luci, Actress & Singer; Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan, Madeline DiNonno and Kay Wilson Stallings

GDIGM Staff: Caroline Heldman, Lisa Emery and Madeline DiNonno

Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan and Krishna Somandepalli

Symposium attendee with Madeline DiNonno


Symposium attendees with Madeline DiNonno

Symposium speakers and GDIGM staff

Opening comments

Mary Ellen Holden, Advisor/New York Council Lead, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Megan Clarken, Chief Commercial Officer, Nielsen Global Media

Madeline DiNonno, CEO, GDIGM

Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan

Madeline DiNonno and Shrikanth (Shri) Narayanan

Michela Luci

JJ Johnson, Michela Luci, Kay Wilson Stallings, Halle Stanford and Madeline DiNonno

Halle Stanford and Madeline DiNonno

Kay Wilson Stallings

JJ Johnson, Michela Luci and Kay Wilson Stallings

JJ Johnson and Michela Luci