See Jane Salon – Check Your Lens: Why Intersectional Media Portrayals Matter

Hosted by Chicago History Museum
1601 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

Sponsored by Julian Grace Foundation

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We are thrilled to be bringing our See Jane Salon Program to Chicago!

Please join us for an inspiring conversation led by a panel of entertainment industry leaders on the importance of intersectional media portrayals.

By the year 2020, more than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a minority group. By the year 2044, no one racial or ethnic group will dominate in the U.S in terms of size.

This panel will explore best practices for addressing unconscious bias in media representations, the challenges faced by people who belong to multiple marginalized groups, and what we can do to achieve a more inclusive media landscape.

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Jazmin Borad, Program Director, GDIGM; Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO & Co-Owner, Burrell Communications Group; Allison Holton, GDIGM Staff; Madeline DiNonno, CEO, GDIGM; Marlyne Barrett, Actor, Chicago Med; Michael Patrick Thornton, Co-founder & Artistic Director, The Gift Theatre; Jessica Sarowitz; Steve Sarowitz; Fawzia Mirza, Artivist, Actor, Producer & Writer; Nikki M. James, Actor, Proven Innocent; Elizabeth Kilpatrick, VP, GDIGM; and Alison Lopez.

Salon panelists.

Salon attendees.

Salon attendees.

Salon attendees.

Salon audience.

Fawzia Mirza, Artivist, Actor, Producer & Writer

Marlyne Barrett, Actor, Chicago Med

Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO & Co-Owner, Burrell Communications Group

Nikki M. James, Actor, Proven Innocent

Madeline DiNonno, CEO, GDIGM

Madeline DiNonno, CEO, GDIGM along with panelists.

Salon panelists and audience.

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