Tejonidhi Bhandare

CEO, Reliance Animation

As an exponent in Business & Financial Planning, Tejonidhi Bhandare is a true achiever having proved his mettle in managing the overall Business including Finance and Legal processes across the tenures. With his extensive experience in conceptualizing and implementing Financial Procedures, Maintenance & Finalization of Accounts, Audits, Fund management, Compliances and Profit Monitoring, he has successfully turned around the business into profits with his strategic planning and futuristic approach. He also brings in his expertise on all finance functions including legal, admin and HR. Having played crucial roles in companies like IBM and Amdocs, he has played vital role in Reliance Animation and Reliance Education towards achievement of its goals and building new projects. Currently heading the Reliance Animation business and mentoring the Reliance Education business as CEO for the company. A result oriented professional with over 24 years of experience in managing the overall business functions including Finance and accounts, Secretarial and Legal are add-ons to the core competencies across the tenures. Proficient in strategic planning and decision making with a far sighted vision are the key skills apart from being an exemplary communicator with expertise in business development.