Institute Speaker/Panelist Bio

Roseanne Chery

Roseanne Chery is adamant about working hard and creating the life you desire, a lesson imbedded in her, as part of her Haitian Culture. In 2011, she graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Communication; Culture and Media studies. From there, she worked at an asset management firm ,as a Retail Investment Specialist. Three years later, she turned in her resignation letter and flew from Florida to New York with a thousand dollars to her name, two duffle bags and an acoustic guitar. Roseanne decided it was time to reconnect with her passions.

Having been drawn to creative self-expression throughout her entire life, Roseanne has always found her way to a stage. Whether it involved fashion shows, off Broadway plays, or even dancing as a youngster at Penn’s Landing. Roseanne is now making her mark as not only a model, but an actress as well. In 2014, she began to enroll in various production and acting courses throughout New York City, and has even landed a scholarship in doing so. By 2016, Roseanne landed her first lead role in a short film, and recently starred in an upcoming TV Series entitled Sole Kings. Having traveled from Haiti to Mexico, Canada, and across America, Roseanne continues to connect with others from various walks of life; which further develops her skills as an actress, writer and aspiring director, and allows her to depict their truth, truthfully.

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