Jonny Gomez

Writer, This is Us

Jonny Gomez grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by his massive Mexican family. As a middle child who couldn’t seem to get a word in edgewise, a career in writing made perfect sense. After graduating from Northwestern University, Jonny stuck around Chicago for a couple years for a girl (it didn’t work out). He learned a lot of life lessons in that time, though: like when he got a great job but then quit so he could start his own business (it also didn’t work out). But Jonny knows how to take a hint – he sold all his possessions just to afford a plane ticket home and took odd jobs to support his writing. Fun fact: he wrote his first pilot sample between shifts driving an LAX shuttle van.

Professionally, Jonny just wrapped on This Is Us where he rose from Writers’ Assistant to Staff Writer. His episodic writing credits include “Clouds” in Season 4, “The Music and the Mirror” in Season 5, and “Miguel” in Season 6. Previously, he has worked in the Post Production Office at Sony Pictures Television as well as the Writers’ Offices of Preacher and Better Call Saul. In his free time, Jonny can be found studying traffic patterns (no, seriously) or perfecting his recipe for cold brew coffee.