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Women of Action:
Redefining the Super-Hero

June 8, 2015
The District by Hannah An

Women have become the new creative power force behind Hollywood’s latest wave of
superhero films. In a field that until recently was heavily male dominated and even the names of its most popular characters usually ended in “man” – Superman, Spider-Man, Batman – now is creating more opportunities for women. While significant work still needs to be done, the recent hiring of Patty Jenkins to direct Wonder Woman and Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve to write the Captain Marvel screenplay is proof there is enormous pool of talent that the industry is now finally beginning to utilize. The next See Jane salon will feature a panel of Hollywood’s new generation of super women who will share their stories and insights about their experiences in the genre. Read More…


Funny Ladies:
Serious Business

March 16, 2015
The District by Hannah An

TV and film has unleashed a new generation of comediennes who act, perform stand-up, write, and direct – yet, despite representing half the population, females are still sidelined in comedy series – with only 31.5% of characters being girls and women. This is still one of the most imbalanced genres in prime time. Comedy has changed on sitcoms, in clubs, and on Saturday Night Live. The repertoire of women isn’t limited to self-loathing or man-hating anymore; the humor is more eclectic, serene, and organic. As comedy has opened up, women who once might not have dared write comedy, or writers who hadn’t considered performing, have been emboldened to become writers and get onstage, Our See Jane salon will convene a panel of comedians, actors and content creators to share their experience in the business and offer insight and best practices into their own creative process. Read More…


Boys Won’t Watch Girls?

For quite some time, women and girls in entertainment have been limited by the myth that boys will not watch female-driven films. With the box-office domination of films like The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids, we know this to be false, and our panelists will gather to bust other myths surrounding women in entertainment.


Bringing Gender Equality
to Media Messaging

Why do women identify with certain ideas but not others? In this salon, panelists will discuss why gender balance in media messaging and imagery is important, why some subtle cues can make women feel excluded from media messaging, and what companies can do to make their messaging more gender balanced.


Gender Lens Investing:
Why Women are Great Business

Women make up a huge percentage of often-untapped audience potential in film and television markets, but not enough energy is currently invested in bringing them to the big and small screens. Focusing on business with an eye on gender, this salon will feature panelists discussing the importance of gender lens investing in entertainment.


The 17% Effect –
Life Imitating Art?

Crowd and group scenes in these films – live-action and animated – contain only 17% female characters. We are in effect enculturating kids from the very beginning to see women and girls as not taking up half of the space. Couldn’t it be that the percentage of women in leadership positions in many areas of society – Congress, law partners, Fortune 500 board members, military officers, tenured professors and many more – stall out at around 17% because that’s the ratio we’ve come to see as the norm?

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